For the Record 2

For the Record 2

FRD35002 Floral


FRD35004 Doily

FRD35005 Wallpaper

FRD35006 Fancy

FRD35007 Numbers

FRD35008 Dots

FRD35009 Diamonds

FRD35010 Chevrons

FRD35011 Just My Type

FRD35012 Borders

FRD35013 JournalingCards

FRD35014 Element Stickers

FRD35015 Alpha Stickers

FRD35016 Documented Kitcover

FRD35017 Dk Blue Lt Blue

FRD35018 Yellow Lt Teal

FRD35019 Teal Green

FRD35020 Documented Brads

FRD35021 Documented Layered Chipboard

FRD35022 Documented Chipboard

FRD35023 6x6 PaperPad Cover